Aidan Senior Living at Reedsport

Aidan Senior Living at Reedsport provides long-term care for those in our community who can no longer care for themselves or be cared for by family members or in-home caregivers. The majority of the residents in this 36-bed wing are permanent, and it is our goal to provide quality care while allowing residents to maintain their self-care abilities for as long as possible.

We are dedicated to providing quality care that your loved ones deserve. We provide short-term skilled care and intermediate care (long term care). We are Medicare and Medicaid licensed.

Our small size (36 beds) and caring staff create an atmosphere that feels more like a family home. Every effort is made to provide residents with choices that retain individuality, independence and dignity.
  • Each room has two residents. Finding compatible roommates is a high priority of our staff. Each room has a view of the outside. Deer can be seen as they pass by. A patio and gazebo is available for daily fresh air, picnics, gardening and other fun activities.
  • Longevity of all staff is a plus. We provide training for Certified Nursing Assistants, Restorative Aides and Certified Medication Aides.
  • In addition to well-balanced meals, snacks are available at any time.
  • Members of the Lower Umpqua Hospital Auxiliary provide year round assistance with projects and special activities.
  • Local ministers/churches conduct Sunday afternoon services and are on-call to attend to the spiritual needs of any resident.
  • Visiting hours are open. While pets may be brought in to visit, Molly, the resident cat, is everyone’s friend.
  • Activities are designed to meet the interests and abilities of each resident.
  • Families are encouraged to provide meaningful items from home to enhance a homelike atmosphere.
  • Activities are designed to meet the interests and abilities of each resident.
  • Families are encouraged to join in holiday celebrations.
  • We use no physical restraints.
  • We are a NO SMOKING facility.
  • The adjoining hospital provides prompt emergency care, laboratory and radiology services. On-site services provided include:
    • Physician visits
    • Physical Therapy
    • Speech Therapy
    • Respiratory Therapy
    • Pharmacy Services
    • Dietary Consultation
    • Social Services
  • Other services available to residents include:
    • Around the clock licensed nursing
    • 24 hour security
    • Hair care
    • Laundry service
    • Assistance with finances as needed
    • Shopping assistance
    • Assistance with arranging appointments and transportation
  • When the time of death approaches, we honor choices and support decisions while maintaining comfort and dignity.

Easing the Transition

The move to a new living situation can be difficult for both the resident and family members. Bringing in familiar objects from home may help make the transition easier. These may include pictures of family and friends, favorite blankets, pillows, favorite clothing and toiletries, special paintings, favorite books and music.

Outings are encouraged. Residents may go out of the facility for visits with family or friends or to attend special events. Family members or friends may arrange to eat meals with the residents or join in activities.