Robert Gipe M.D.

Dr Robert Gipe 032

Education and Training
Dr. Robert Gipe joined Reedsport Medical Clinic in March of 2013, providing Internal Medicine care to patients with a variety of illnesses. Dr. Gipe was Board Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine following his Undergraduate Chemistry Degree from Point Loma College in California and obtaining a PHD in Chemistry from U.C. San Diego. Dr. Gipe then graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1994. He has been working at Virginia Mason in Seattle and Olympia Medical Center in Port Angeles with a special interest in Cardiology.

During 2016 Dr. Gipe transitioned from private practice at RMC to providing in-patient care as a Hospitalist at Lower Umpqua Hospital.

Dr. Gipe is especially interested in the coast where he enjoys kite surfing and kayaking.

Privileges Date on Staff Status
Lower Umpqua Hospital District 04/15/2013 – Current