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Job Summary

The Housekeeper is responsible to maintain cleanliness of all hospital departments and is responsible for delivery of linen/resident clothes to specific units within the facility.

Essential Functions:

  1. Maintains supplies of soap, towels, toilet paper, etc. in designated areas throughout the hospital.
  2. Mops, sweeps, and disinfects floors.
  3. Vacuums carpeting and rugs.
  4. Cleans furnishings, fixtures, and furniture.
  5. Straightens and rearranges furniture.
  6. Cleans and disinfects bathrooms, hoppers, showers, and utility rooms.
  7. Cleans windows and mirrors.
  8. Spot cleans walls and doors as needed.
  9. Removes spider webs on walls and ceilings.
  10. Cleans rooms upon discharge of patient/residents, including bed, mattress, nightstand, over bed table, and stationary objects in room.
  11. Removes and disposes of waste and trash.
  12. Gathers soiled linen and takes to collecting bins as assigned (evenings, Saturday, Sundays and holidays).
  13. Properly stores and stocks linens throughout the hospital.
  14. Changes mop heads and mop water daily in designated areas.
  15. Refills cleaning solutions and supplies on units as needed.
  16. Properly stocks and stores carts at the end of the shift.
  17. Reports observations concerning structural and equipment wear, defects, and malfunctioning to supervisor.
  18. Orders housekeeping supplies in a timely manner (day-shift)
  19. Reports supply, linen, and equipment needs and concerns to supervisor.
  20. Performs emergency housekeeping tasks as requested.
  21. Demonstrates through knowledge of housekeeping duties in all areas of the hospital.
  22. Maintains clean and sanitary conditions in assigned areas according to established standards to help maintain effective infection control.
  23. Water plants.
  24. Collects clothes hangers and returns to hanger stand in laundry room.


Supervised By:

Plant Operations Manager

Qualification Requirements:

Business Office

Business and Financial Services


Family Resource Center

Lower Umpqua
Hospital District

Therapy Services

Dunes Family
Health Care

Specialty Clinic

Medical Clinic

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