Imaging Director – Radiology

Imaging Director  

Employment type: Full-Time  

Department: Radiology 

Location: Hospital  

Reedsport, OR 97467 



The Imaging Director is responsible for demonstrating compassion, respect, and a caring attitude while working within the scope of the Imaging Director, to provide quality patient care and assistance to their families and visitors. The Imaging Director will collaborate with other healthcare team members toward the best outcomes for the patient and the organization.  All job duties are performed in a manner that demonstrates Lower Umpqua Hospital’s philosophy. Responsible for the overall management of the Imaging Department. Has to be able to work effectively with Administration, Radiologists, Pathologist, as well as with Medical Staff (Physicians). 


  1. Must be able to identify capital needs and budgetary requirements of the Imaging Department to provide smooth operation of the Department. 
  1. Must be able to communicate effectively to staff, departmental policies and procedures and evaluate on an annual basis. 
  1. Must be able to assess and develop measurable departmental goals and evaluate on an annual basis. 
  1. Must have good organizational skills to allow for most cost-effective method of organizing services and materials for the community. 
  1. Must plan for growth in services, personnel, and space as the needs of the department dictates. 
  1. Monitors the quality of services produced by the Technologists to maintain a high quality of diagnostic services to the hospital, Radiologists, Pathologist, Physicians, and community. 
  1. Must have basic knowledge of how to operate all Imaging equipment. 
  1. Must be able to perform the duties of Imaging Manager and assist the Radiologist and/or Physician with special procedures. 
  1. No lifting above 50lbs. 
  1. Receive physical assistance with patient transfer/handling per managerial discretion. 
  1. Will use step ladder to retrieve overhead objects such as imaging jackets or receive physical assistance from staff. 
  1. Will use hands and knees or kneeling positions vs. squatting to do special low level procedures such as x-ray of feet. 
  1. Will delegate pouring of 2-gallons of chemical into containers to other staff members. 
  1. Will delegate operation of C-arm in surgery to an assigned technologist. 
  1. Will frequently change sitting/standing positions as per tolerated. 
  1. Responsible for hiring and terminating Imaging employees. 
  1. Manages staff Technologists in a fair and professional manner. 
  1. Must be able to interpret financial statements and records from Administration to ensure the most cost-effective running of the Imaging Department. 
  1. Keep up to date statistical information on revenue generated by the Imaging Department and patients/procedures done by the Department to provide monthly statistical reports. 
  1. Maintains breast biopsy tracking records and does yearly Radiologist Audit for Chief Radiologist’s approval. 
  1. Keeps record of CT and Ultrasound guided biopsies and results of such procedures. 
  1. Approves monthly work and call schedules for the Imaging Department to ensure fairness and oversees staff hours to minimize overtime. 
  1. Monitors staff Technologists’ continuing education and license renewal to maintain the highest quality of technical staff. 
  1. Approves all orders for supplies and equipment to ensure cost effective running of the Imaging Department. 
  1. Serves on appropriate committees as requested by the Administrator. 
  1. Demonstrates professional and independent judgment at all times. 
  1. Must have basic knowledge of all the MQSA Quality Control tests and be able to perform the tests required to be performed by the Technologist in the absence of the Assistant Director. 
  1. Observes all equipment to assure for patient and Technologist safety and arranges for repairs, when necessary, in a timely and cost-effective manner. 
  1. Represents the Imaging Department at community functions. 
  1. Maintain the ALARA Program and update when necessary. 
  1. Take on the responsibilities of the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) or Alternate RSO. 
  1. Clean and disinfect room/equipment after each procedure. 
  1. Transports patients to and from Imaging Department. 
  1. Maintain stock, supplies, and perform general clerical duties. 
  1. Assist Technologists with film critique and provide constructive criticism and suggestions.  


Education and License: 

Graduated from an accredited JRCERT School of Radiologic Technology with an ARRT License, Diploma or Certificate required.  

Bachelors Degree, required.  

Licensed with the National Registry (ARRT) and the State of Oregon Board of Radiologic Technology (or be eligible for licensing by the State of Oregon).  Must obtain State of Oregon license prior to first day of work. 


Must have Certificate of Advanced Qualifications by the National Registry (ARRT). 

Basic Life Support (BLS) 

CT, Required 

MRI, preferred.  



Minimum of five (5) years of experience in a hospital Radiology Department as a staff Technologist and three (3) years as a Chief Technologist or managerial equivalent.  


Additional Qualifications: 

  1. Must be able to work well in a dimly lit room. 
  1. Must be able to work wearing gloves. 
  1. Must be able to work well in an environment with many disruptions. 
  1. Must work well under stress. 
  1. Must be able to communicate effectively and professionally. 
  1. Must be able to offer assistance to any staff member whenever you see they need help. 
  1. Must be able to be open and eager to learn new skills and grow in your current abilities. 
  1. Must be able to demonstrate pride in ourselves through our actions, appearance, and demeanor. 
  1. Must be able to take the initiative for your own personal growth, learning and development through continuing education and/or special training. 
  1. Must be able to remain flexible, open and adaptable to change. 
  1. Must be able to realize regardless of your title, you have an impact and ownership on patient care and Lower Umpqua Hospital. 



Works indoors in an air-conditioned environment. 


Frequent use of computer and phone, and other standard office machines.  Must be able to stand, sit, stoop, twist, kneel, reach, push, pull using proper body mechanics and move/lift varying amounts of weight to a maximum of 50 lbs.   


This is a Full-Time position that is eligible for benefits.