ParaMed Program

Join one of the oldest and most successful ambulance membership programs in the state.

Individuals and families living within Lower Umpqua Hospital’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) District can guarantee themselves an extra measure of healthcare security through the ParaMed program. For just $60 per year, you, your spouse, your unmarried children under age 25, and all persons listed as dependents on your tax return regularly living in your residence will receive emergency ambulance service within the service area.

Even if you have insurance, full ambulance costs are seldom paid. Medicare, for example, only covers 50-70% of ambulance fees: you would still owe the balance of the bill, which is typically as high as $400-750 per use for Advanced Life Support services. Some bills are denied entirely, and private insurance companies often fail to pay certain fees, citing “usual and customary limitations” – leaving you with unpaid bills. Lower Umpqua Hospital ParaMed accepts the insurance payment as payment for services rendered: your $60 annual fee covers the rest.

Medically necessary, physician-ordered non-emergency ambulance service is also provided as outlined below:

  • Unlimited Emergency pre-hospital medical treatment and transportation.
  • Pre-authorized medically necessary non-emergency ambulance transportation from anywhere in our ambulance district to any receiving facility within 35 miles.
  • Medically necessary, physician-ordered transportation over 35 miles will be considered to have 25% of the co-payment prepaid.
Best of all, your $60 annual membership stays in the community to provide rapid response and the best equipment and care available. This program helps provide the latest in emergency equipment and training to the lifesaving team at Lower Umpqua Hospital EMS. Plus, as a FireMed participating agency, your ParaMed membership provides emergency protection through much of Oregon. How Do I Join? Click here to download the complete service agreement and application form in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.  This application includes the LUHD Ground Paramed program and two air medical opportunities.  You can also stop by the Hospital to pick up a brochure and application; or, call 541-271-3750 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) for more information. We are excited to announce that membership is now being offered year round. Sign up anytime by downloading the application or stop into the hospital today.

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