Registered Respiratory Therapist – Respiratory Therapy | On-Call

Job Summary

The Respiratory Therapist is responsible for performing all aspects of Respiratory Therapy and Electrocardiography, in a proficient and competent manner according to policies and procedures.

Essential Functions:

  1. Small / Large Volume Nebulizers
  2. Lung Expansion
  3. Chest Physiotherapy
  4. Nasotracheal Suctioning
  5. Oxygen Administration /Titration.
  6. Pulse Oximetry
  7. Arterial Blood Gases withdrawal
  8. Patient monitoring and assessment

Ventilation Management:

  1. Arterial blood gas interpretation with corrective action
  2. Competency with Respironics VAPS
  3. Competency with Respironics Esprit Ventilator
  4. Competency with Respironics Vision BiPap
  5. Competency with Phillips V60 ventilator
  6. Competency with Hamilton Galileo T1 ventilator
  7. Competency with Newport HT50 Transport ventilator
  8. Airway care (Oral-Tracheal Hygiene).
  9. End tidal CO2 monitoring
  10. Ventilator Weaning Parameters
  11. Extubations
  12. CPAP/BiPAP

Emergency on call:

  1. All Therapists will be required to take an equitable amount of on-call shifts.
  2. Call response time 20 Minutes Maximum

Emergency performance:

  1. Intubations (Infant, Pediatric and Adult)
  2. C-Section Infant deliveries (equipment proficiency, surgical procedure).
  3. Unstable infant deliveries (equipment proficiency)
  4. Cardiopulmonary arrests / Trauma (airway management, chest compression’s, equipment proficiency)
  5. Unstable ground transport (as staffing allows)

Pulmonary Rehabilitation / Testing:

  1. Patient education of disease process and breathing retraining
  2. Pulmonary stress testing / 12-minute walk test
  3. Pulmonary function testing (equipment proficiency)
  4. Pulmonary function testing (slow vital capacity, forced vital capacity, Carbon Monoxide diffusing capacity, maximal volume ventilation, Maximal negative inspiratory / positive expiratory force and Nitrogen washout studies)
  5. Patient strength and conditioning exercise (with Physical Therapy)
  6. Oximetry exercise tests (pulmonary rehab / home oxygen qualification)


  1. Standard 12 lead tracings
  2. Holter Monitor set up
  3. Event Monitor set up
  4. Cardiac stress testing (must be proficient with treadmill to ensure patient safety)


  1. Documentation of all therapies and proper placement within patient chart in the electronic medical record.

Patient Billing:

  1. Completion of all daily billing forms according to services rendered

Cleaning of equipment / maintenance / supply:

  1. Must be able to properly disassemble, clean and reassemble equipment.
  2. Must be able to perform basic trouble shooting of equipment in use.
  3. Must ensure non-billable items are ordered and supplied.
  4. Must perform safety tests on all required equipment before use.


Supervised By:

Respiratory Therapy Manager


Qualification Requirements

Education and License:

High School Diploma/ GED.

Graduation from an A.M.A. accredited Respiratory Therapy program.

Must be credentialed as a Registered Respiratory Therapist with NBRC


Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) – or ability to obtain within six months of hire


Minimum of two years critical care experience, preferred.

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Hospital District

Dunes Family
Health Care

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