Supply Clerk | Per-Diem


The Supply Clerk is responsible for shipping, receiving, distribution and inventory control.


  1. Responsible for filling all supply requisitions.
  2. Notify departments of back-orders.
  3. Check PAR level inventories and replace missing items.
  4. Document missing, charged and lost items.
  5. Notify departments of lost charges.
  6. Notify data processing of any recovered lost charges.
  7. Process storeroom worksheet in Computer Materials Management system.
  8. Document all backorders and requests to reorder in the Reorder Book.
  9. Inspect and sign for all incoming shipments.
  10. Do incoming and outgoing mail.
  11. Match packing slip with items received.
  12. Document discrepancies and notify vendor.
  13. Deliver to appropriate areas.
  14. Date-stamp, check and initial all packing slips and Purchase Requisition.
  15. Process packing slips in Materials Management Information System.
  16. Match packing slips to Purchase Orders.
  17. Place patient charge stickers on all chargeable items.
  18. Send equipment to Plant Operations/Biomed for electrical checks, assembly and installation.
  19. Document and arrange pick-ups on outgoing parcels.
  20. Copy and distribute to appropriate areas any notification of recalls.
  21. Respond to any emergency request.
  22. Ensure cleanliness of areas. Dispose of cardboard & Recycling.
  23. Monthly inventory of expirations. Pull, document and process.
  24. Daily filing of Purchase Orders and Purchase Requisitions.
  25. Purge files.
  26. Shredding
  27. Any other duties as assigned by the Materials Manager.




Education and License:

High School Diploma or equivalent, required.



Additional Qualifications:

  1. Computer skills.
  2. Electronic calculator skills required.
  3. Good reading and writing skills.
  4. Good verbal skills.
  5. Adequate hearing to carry out STAT orders.
  6. Must be able to work independently



Works indoors in an air-conditioned environment.


Frequent use of computer and phone, and other standard office machines.  Must be able to stand, sit, stoop, twist, kneel, reach, push, pull using proper body mechanics and move/lift varying amounts of weight to a maximum of 50 lbs.