Certified Nursing Assistant 2 – Emergency Department

Certified Nursing Assistant 2

Employment type: Full-Time

Department: Acute Care/Emergency Department

Location: Hospital

Reedsport, OR 97467

Shift: 3x12s, 11 AM- 11:30PM



The CNA 2 demonstrates compassion, respect and a caring attitude while providing quality patient care under the direct supervision of the licensed nurse. The CNA 2 works in collaboration with other healthcare team members and communicates in an effective and efficient manner with coworkers, patients, visitors, physicians and other disciplines and departments.  The CNA 2 will have completed the Oregon State Board of Nursing approved CNA 2 training program and understands the scope of practice this level of training allows.


(This list does not include all the duties that may be assigned.)

  1. Assists patient with activities of daily living (ADL’s)-AM and PM care, bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting by assisting in use of bedpans, urinals, and commodes.
  2. Perform oral care, hair care, peri-care, and catheter care.
  3. Give backrubs and special skin care as needed.
  4. Assists with repositioning, transferring from bed, chair commodes, or stretcher, and assists with ambulation. Assists with range of motion (ROM) activities.
  5. Obtains and records vital signs on adults, children, and infants as directed. Includes alternate BP sites and orthostatic BP’s.
  6. Assists patients by delivering and setting up meal trays and assists with feeding as needed.
  7. Measure and record patient height and weight.
  8. Assists the licensed nurse in the process of admission, transfer, or discharge of
  9. Accurately documents care performed in the electronic health record (EHR)
  10. Assists with special procedures as directed, i.e., admission and discharges, pre- and post­operative care, and post-mortem care.
  11. Answers call lights for all patients in a courteous and timely manner. Positions the call light within reach of the patient.
  12. Monitors and records accurate intake and output and reports to licensed nurse.
  13. Reports pertinent patient information to licensed nurse, including symptoms noted, response to treatments or medications, patient compliance with care plan, vital signs, and change in patient condition.
  14. Maintains a clean, safe, and comfortable patient environment by keeping patient rooms neat and tidy, assuring side rails, and other safety measures are in use.
  15. Maintains fall precautions
  16. Maintains a safe and clean work environment in such areas as the nurse’s station, utility room, linen room, pantry, lounge, and other areas as applicable.
  17. Changes and removes dirty linens as needed.
  18. Assists with coughing and deep breathing
  19. Reinforces use of Incentive Spirometer
  20. Transporting a patient in wheelchair or stretcher
  21. Demonstrates use of lift equipment for safe patient transfers
  22. Changes catheter bag
  23. Applies and removes external catheters
  24. Collects specimens; sputum, stool, urine including collection of clean catch and urine specimen from catheter port.
  25. Is flexible in assignments and organized in work, even under stressful
  26. Treats patients and their families with respect, dignity; ensures patient
  27. Manages and operates hospital equipment safely and
  28. Demonstrates knowledge of disease entities and infection control policies including hand hygiene, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and disposing of hazardous waste.
  29. Responds to emergency situations and performs tasks within scope of practice at the direction of the licensed nurse.
  30. Serves on hospital and unit committees as
  31. Participates in the Continuous Quality Improvement activities of the
  32. Re-stocks patient supplies.
  33. Orders supplies as directed
  34. Assist with positioning devices and restraints
  35. Applying, turn on and off, sequential compression devices.
  36. Performs capillary blood glucose levels including documentation and equipment QI requirements.
  37. Applying and removing delivery device and turn continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or bi-level positive airway devices (BIPAP) on and off.
  38. Clean equipment after use (i.e. pumps, IV poles, etc)
  39. Makes patient charts and stocks forms
  40. Assists with phone calls for codes, traumas and patient transfers at the direction.
  41. Answers phones in a courteous, professional manner, taking messages as
  42. At the end of each shift perform the following items as needed:
    1. Empty linen hampers
    2. Refill ice waters
    3. Empty trash in all patient rooms
    4. Break room and report room are to be cleaned
    5. Linen carts filled
  43. Adjusting oxygen rate of flow
  44. Observing and collecting patient pain response
  45. Discontinuing a urethrally inserted catheter
  46. Discontinuing Saline Lock
  47. Interrupting and re-establishing a nasogastric (NG) suction
  48. Apply splints as directed by the licensed nurse
  49. Suctioning nose or oral pharynx
  50. Performing dipstick urine test
  51. Placing electrodes/leads and run a electrocardiogram (EKG)
  52. Placing electrodes/leads for telemetry
  53. Removing casts in emergency situations
  54. Scanning Bladder
  55. Suctioning nose or oral pharynx
  56. Obtains throat swab
  57. Testing stool for occult blood
  58. Performs additional nursing support functions as defined in CNA 2 scope of practice and within training knowledge and as directed by the licensed nurse.
  59. Registers patients who present to the hospital for care after hours
  60. Scans documents into the patient chart
  61. Monitors patient telemetry as needed to support Nursing staff
  62. Completes chart abstractions


Education and License:

High School Diploma or equivalent, required


C.N.A II certification to practice in the state of Oregon, required

Basic Life Support (BLS), required (must be able to obtain within 60 days of hire).


One year acute care experience preferred

Basic arrhythmia class preferred

Additional Qualifications:

  1. Must have good reading and writing skills, as well as legible handwriting.
  2. Must have good communication skills, verbal and nonverbal.
  3. Must have adequate vision to read normal print and carry out essential duties.
  4. Must have adequate hearing to hear speech, call bells, buzzers, phones, etc.


Works indoors in an air-conditioned office environment.


Frequent use of computer and phone, and standard office machines.  Must be able to stand, sit, stoop, twist, kneel, reach, push, pull using proper body mechanics and move/lift varying amounts of weight to a maximum of 50 lbs.

This is a Full-Time position that is eligible for benefits.