Rehabilitation Services

Quality Healthcare in a Friendly Caring Environment

As the full service healthcare facility for coastal Douglas County, Lower Umpqua Hospital is proud to offer the full spectrum of modern health services with a comfortable small town ambience.  Many people are unaware that no matter where you choose to doctor, you are welcome to participate in therapy close to home.  Our outpatient clinic is fully equipped and our staff is knowledgeable and friendly and ready to do whatever they can to help you accomplish your therapy goals.

Our rehabilitation team consists of Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists and aides who have been specially trained and working their respective professions for many years.  The team offers years of experience as well as new ideas that will benefit you in your pursuit of health.


Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is indicated for a variety of conditions, they focus on restoring function or accommodating disability.  Our physical therapists evaluate their patients’ current functional level and design a plan of treatment to reach each patient’s goals.  Our physical therapy team has multiple modalities to modify pain and swelling and specialize in pain management, neuromuscular reeducation, balance training, manual therapy techniques, joint replacement, amputations, gait training, body mechanics and sports injury.  We also have pool therapy available for those who would benefit from it.  No matter what your diagnosis, our physical therapists will assess and help you establish goals that are achievable and agreeable to you.  Physical therapy is covered by most insurance carriers and can be arranged by “direct access” through our office or one’s physician.  Please call our office for more information 541-271-6318.


Occupational Therapy

Skills for the job of living!  Occupational therapy is the therapeutic use of everyday life activities to promote health and wellness.   By addressing physical, cognitive, psycho social and sensory performance this type of therapy tends to have a more holistic approach.  There are many types of diagnosis that may benefit from occupational therapy but often they surround a decreased ability to care for ones’ self.  With occupational therapy one will focus on activities of daily living, upper extremity abilities, cognition, behavior patterns, performance skills, adaptations, education and training to promote safe and painless independence.  At LUH occupational therapy can be access through a physician referral.


Speech Therapy

Speech and language pathology specializes in evaluating oral motor function as well as cognitive capacities as they relate to communication.  They will address ones’ ability to safely eat and swallow as well as determining comprehension, hearing, voice quality, ability to read, write and communicate.  Once you’ve had an evaluation, a speech therapist can help you determine and achieve your goals or simply make safety recommendations for you in these areas.  Speech therapy can be provided in the hospital or on an outpatient basis with doctor’s orders.