Emergency Medical Services


It takes a special team to meet the challenge of providing emergency response care under what are often unique and adverse conditions. Lower Umpqua Hospital Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is a hospital-based ambulance service located in Reedsport Oregon in coastal Douglas County. Our ambulance district consists of the western part of Douglas county and the northern part of Coos county with over 650 square miles, from the Lane County line north to the Spinreel Entrance on Highway 101 south, and up to Milepost 26 on Highway 38 east, 24 miles of dunes, approximately 10,000 residents, large influx of tourists, and around 1500 calls a year.

The LUH EMS provides Best Practice Medicine, offering standby medical services to bring highly trained and qualified providers to any event. The LUH EMS has three Ambulances for home and scene response care, as well as a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and Sand Rail to provide emergency medical response to those in need on the sand dunes. Each vehicle is fully rigged and outfitted to provide our staff of Paramedics and EMTs with the equipment necessary to provide life-saving services and support on scene.

Having these qualified people, ambulances and dunes vehicles on site drastically reduces response time, consequently increasing the likelihood of better outcomes for patients. In addition, our EMS team provides support to community sporting events and community events, such as the annual Chain Saw Carving and DuneFest events.

The Lower Umpqua Hospital (LUH) EMS team assists other local emergency agencies, such as the Fire Department Quick Response Teams with training and supplies. They work closely to provide emergency care assistance to other local agencies, including state, county and city law enforcement, fire departments, US Coast Guard, US Forest Service and other organizations.

The EMS team also provides monthly CPR classes for the general public and health care professionals. For more information on local CPR classes call 541-271-6342.