COVID-19 Vaccination Information

To obtain a COVID-19 vaccine, please contact Dunes Family Health Care at 541-271-2163 or your primary care provider.
Immunizations are FREE. There is no out-of-pocket expense even for those who do not have insurance coverage. Plan on a 15-30 minute observation period after you receive your vaccination. If you have concerns about receiving the vaccine due to a health condition or other medical reason, please discuss this with your Medical Provider. For those of you returning for your second dose of the Covid-19 vaccination. please bring the vaccination card that you received at your first appointment and a completed consent form. If your insurance information or personal information has changed, you will also need to bring a copy of your updated insurance cards (front and back) and an updated information sheet. We currently offer the Moderna and Pfizer vaccination. For more information about these vaccines, click on the link below.